How am I Supposed to be Thankful Right Now?

It's the month we are all supposed to be thankful...right? For a lot of people it's hard to be thankful right now though. A lot has happened in the United States in the past eight days, and it has honestly affected the world. Now, a large majority of people are pleased with how the election went. Yet, I see so many people who are very upset due to the fact of what Trump has said in the past and even during his campaign. So, during this month of Thanksgiving I know there are thousands to millions of people who are literally living in fear of their lives. Now, I am not going to say whether or not they should be living like that, but it is kind of disheartening to think that there are that many people who are scared. So, during this Thanksgiving how are people supposed to be be thankful?

I asked some people on social media their thoughts on the election, and I got a vast majority of answers

"Trump will Change the USA"

"I'm not happy that he got elected, and I think we would've been better off with Hillary"

"I am willing to be open minded and give him a chance"

"I am not excited about how anti-LGBT he and his VP are"

"I was shocked"

I received a lot of mixed opinions and these are just a few. I have seen people post that he is going to ruin America. I have seen people post that if you are a Trump Supporter to just delete them off of Facebook. Heck, I never posted my political view, but due to the fact that my family had a specific view one of my distant relatives deleted me. How are we supposed to be Thankful when this election is tearing Friends and Family apart? When I posted the question on to social media I had someone comment

"Why would you post this you are just bringing hate back onto my Timeline."

Why does it have to be hate though? I understand that people disagree and pretty much hate Trump on a number of levels, but why do we need to hate each other in the process? Why is it that we have to fight over it. Why do we need to hate one another due to different opinions.


Is that true though? I know a vast majority of Trump Supporters and they don't believe or agree any of those things. Now, the majority, I really don't know I can say this though for those of you who do Support Trump if you treat any of those groups of people like trash like I have seen, you indeed are in the wrong. Now, am I saying you are wrong for the way you voted? No. From what I have seen the vast majority of the Republican party would call themselves Christian, and I can tell you for a fact that if you do treat those groups in a hateful way, you are not portraying your party or the beliefs of that party in the correct way at all. You are just being a horrible person.

To the people who do not support Trump, and are in fact saying that he is not your President. That is your right, but you do not need to be burning the American Flag, you do not need to be putting all Supporters into the same group. Feel free to Protest Peacefully, but just make sure you really know what you are standing for. I have a firm belief that you should be able to stand up for what you believe in, and that goes for both parties.

So, during this Month of Thankfulness, be thankful for what you have and the people that are surrounding you. It's going to be a long time until things have calmed down, but as we go into Thanksgiving and then Christmas we need to remember what those Holidays are truly about (Getting Fat, Shopping, and Opening Gifts)....Actually, it's about loving one another even during times of Strife, and truly being Thankful for what we have around us.

If you have your opinions feel free to comment, but just remember if you have differing opinions be respectful about it all


Published by Bailie Scheer

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