Letter to Senior Citizen Self

Letter to Senior Citizen Self

Dear Senior Citizen Bailie,

Please don’t wear sweat suits. That’s all I have to say. No, but seriously please have some sense of fashion. Not that you do now….yeah…Have a better fashion sense then you do now.

Be the cool Grandma. Take them out and spend money on them. Make sure you are in their lives because that is the most important thing. Is to have a family that sticks together. Never let your kids forget about you. No matter how annoying you get to them love them unconditionally.

Be nice to James. He has done so much for you over the years. The least you can do is let him think he can still rap like he could when he was 20 and in college. Never forget the past. Remember your high school days, and college days. Those were your prime times. Remember marching on that field in marching band, and remember graduating, remember your wedding day and how stressed out you were.

Tell your kids and grand kids stories. Tell them how you and James met and fell in love. Tell them how you traveled with him, and the friends you made. Teach them that life isn’t always fair, and sometimes you just have to deal with the hand you were dealt.

Teach them how to play games. Don’t let them constantly be on their phones. Take them outside, and play board games and card games. Go for a walk, go fishing. Do something active because technology has probably taken over by now.

Make your husband feel loved every single day, and love him unconditionally. Read your Bible with him every day, and watch too much Television, and make sure he has gotten you a Bull Dog by now or make him go to every pound and found a pound puppy for you.

Be happy. You made it this far. Never forget what made you who you are today. Remember that people are not always right, and politics are annoying. Remember that God is the greatest thing in your life, and that you have never given up before so don’t give up now.

Live the rest of your life to the fullest, and love life and thank God every single day that you have made it this far and have the memories that you have.


your 20-year-old self

Published by Bailie Scheer


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