The Sun will Come out Tomorrow

The Sun will come out tomorrow....It's just a bad dream...None of this is really happening...I'll wake up and everything will be normal...

Those are probably some of the thoughts that the people who were watching the events of 9/11 take those 15 years ago. I know I was 5 years old in kindergarten class, I know that they took us all outside and we paid tribute and lowered the flag half mast and the band played. Did I understand what was going on at that moment? No, I was five. I could barely tie my shoes. I can tell you that that memory sticks out in my mind more than any other memory in school though. Why? I'm not sure, maybe because it was abnormal? Maybe because every year on this day someone asks me where I was on this day expecting me not to remember.  How could you forget though?

I was walking with my roommate across campus today and I noticed that the flag was half mast, I knew it was 9/11, but I still asked " Why are the flags half mast?" she of course responded they do it for 9/11 for respect. I immediately feel horrible for my incompetence. Hundreds to thousands of people died, of course we would put the flag at half mast. This lead to another conversation though. I made a comment that most Freshman in high school at this point were not alive when 9/11 happened so it is now a historical event in their eyes. This lead to my roommate making a comment that made me realize something as well. Soon 9/11 will be just like every other historical event which is really really sad to think about. 

So, on this day take time to remember all the families who are grieving the people who lost their loved ones, or the people who may have survived, but have to live with the pain and weight of that every single day. Never let that day disappear from your hearts or minds.


Published by Bailie Scheer


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