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My name is Balaram Thapa and I consider myself an enthusiastic traveler. Writing about my travels is a way for me to share my experiences with everyone else. Being from Nepal, I am used to the mountainous terrain and hiking for long period of hours in a day to reach from one location to the next. I genuinely think that Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and that more people need to know about its wonders. Not only is Nepal pretty cheap for travelling, it offers a complete package that consists of many different aspects pertaining to exotic cultures, people, places and adventures. In pursuit of my interest in travel and tourism, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in this related field from Tribhuwan University and in 2000, I entered the Tourism industry by working as a trekking porter for two years, and then as a trekking guide and team leader for another six. Travelling all over Nepal, I have experienced the country’s diverse aspects and its colorful mélange firsthand and have ample experience on getting about Nepal comfortably and easily. In the near future, I plan to visit different countries and attend various travel expos to expand my knowledge about travelling. I also enjoy spending time at the Jyamrung Public Welfare Society working as a General Secretary in social work. Sharing my travel experiences and stories that contain detail and hands-on information, tips and ideas to people is a great way for me to expand my parameters in a fun and informative way and to really polish my skills. I hope to share my travel experiences which readers find authentic and genuine and to really share my ideas wholeheartedly and with gusto.



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