6 Simple Life Moves... To BEING Magnificent YOU

6 Simple Life Moves... To BEING Magnificent YOU

Dec 1, 2016, 11:08:47 PM News

It is in times of stormy and dark days, whether this is physically, emotionally or mentally, we can ALLOW ourselves to focus, be aware and relax into the soft, quiet, warm light that glows deep within our core. With our conscious breathe we can expand our light to flow into our entire Body and Mind, allowing our Spirit essence to unite with our physical being and merge together as One Body Consciousness.

This awareness of ourself as both a physical Human and non-physical Divine Spirit allows us to feel the higher vibration of crystalline light that our Body Consciousness is naturally transforming into and allows us; the Human, to quantum leap into our Divinity and live a life of celebration as our Magnificent Self on the Earth plane.

As One Body Consciousness; Body, Mind and Spirit we can move with simple ease and grace through life. We are no longer distracted by the circumstances of our physical reality, instead we LOVE all of ourself completely and unconditionally, TRUST our Divine Spirit essence to  guide us further into the unknown, ALLOW our life to unfold naturally in ease and grace, KNOWING everything we need to know in each moment, PLAYING joyfully as we FLOW through life creating our heart and soul’s desires as our *MasterCreator self.

*MasterCreator… A person who knows of their own authentic and sovereign power and creates themself and their life, as they desire in each moment.

Barbara Franken... MasterCreator

It would be great to hear from my family and friends how you are journeying through the darkness… Inspiring each other with our Magnificence.

Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

I published my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom to share my journey awakening and integrating All of myself and be able to create a life of celebration as my Magnificent Self. Inspiring others to resonate with their own magnificence and remember their own natural state of being.

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Online MasterCreator Class
For hearts who are ready to commit to and live their own life as a celebration… I created my local and online Five Week MasterCreator Class.

Taking the leading role on Life’s stage as Your Magnificent Self through Dance, Song, Play, Art, Relaxation & Celebration

You can sign up on my website… www.memymagnificentself.com

Published by Barbara Franken

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