Are YOU Choosing Fear or Love...

Are YOU Choosing Fear or Love...

As one part of my journey was coming to an end and I was allowing a new beginning to unfold, I wrote in my book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey To Freedom the following words…

‘I will continue to dissolve everything that no longer serves me… distil all my Human life experiences into wise and passionate essence… absorb all my physical biology into my new crystalline structure… and gracefully attract and bring in appropriate energies to help me live a most magnificent and balanced life here on Earth.’

Since publishing my true Awakening story a year and a half ago I continue to experience many attachments dissolving; in fact I can describe it as having landed in an enormous black hole where slowly but surely IAM falling deeper within. I feel as if layers and layers of my old foundation… are being pulled out from beneath me and everything that has made me feel comfortable, dependant and secure is disappearing. I feel the fear and worry as my mind wonders how I will take care of myself but then I feel the love of my Divine self and remember IAM self-sustained. This knowing allows me to feel a vast emptiness within, no thoughts, no memories, no cares and no worries, only a sense of wonder, moving forward on a new adventure as Me, My Magnificent Self.

IAM truly thankful that I understand what is naturally happening to all Humankind… and can be consciously aware of my experience, releasing all my attachment to ‘The Matrix”; my programmed, fearful and limited reality and mind, that will allow me to move forward and create a loving life I have always dreamed of.

Out of nowhere I feel the emotions of anger, guilt, sadness or shame or physical pain or discomfort flow through my body/mind. I even fell down with a bang last week, scraping all my knees, hands, shoulder and face. I’m becoming quite an expert though of allowing myself to just feel the feelings, not claim them as my own or resist them (which is old normal practice and will cause you to trip up literally, just to let you know there is another way!), but to embrace the shadow/dark/wounded parts of myself that have been separated from my many roles I’ve chosen to play since the beginning of time itself, and now in need to return home to integrate with the Mother ship who is preparing to embark on a new and magical adventure (me).

I sit quietly and breathe the conscious breath, knowing the breath moves old stale energy out of the body/mind. I imagine IAM mother welcoming my children home, sitting them on my knees in front of a cosy fire, I embrace my children and sing them a gentle lullaby. I allow my unconditional LOVE to dissolve and release the energy of every pain/tension they have ever experienced and allow the neutral energy to integrate within me.

A couple of days later I know I will bounce back with vibrancy, feelings of joy, timelessness and a new sense of multiple possibilities… until the next onslaught… that will end one day and allow me to physically walk into my new loving reality IAM creating and birthing within.

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It is important that everyone understands that as you naturally release your old patterns, beliefs and fears for transformation, it is easy to get caught up in the fearful cycle which can take you into the depths of hopelessness and despair. Unfortunately there are people who love to play and act with this fearful energy and use it to cause terror and create more fear. It is therefore essential not to get swallowed up by the fear you feel or focus on the terror and go into resistance by getting angry and hating these fanatics, as this only fuels the fear and causes more separation between them and us. There is only one answer and that is to love and come together as one. To love yourself well, get to know yourself and understand energy dynamics is the place to begin that allows you to know that fear is only an energy and has no substance to hurt you… unless you give it substance by believing in it.

I enjoyed watching the OneLoveManchester concert last night that brought me to tears as my heart resonated with the intention of love to bring everyone together in fearlessness. We can do it, you just have to choose it, stand tall and radiate your loving light out in the darkness and it will change the energy dynamics in a magical way.

Are YOU choosing Fear or Love?

As I continue to experience first hand my new awakened state, my sometimes agonizing integration and intention to live a life of celebration as a Master and Creator, I share this with you through my writing and expression; via my blog, book and MasterCreator Class to remind YOU of Your Magnificent Self and how YOU can get through this transformation that is naturally happening, no matter what you are going through.

Life is no longer about fixing or perfecting the Human, listening and following others as to what they think is best for you… but rather to be responsible for yourself, to observe and embrace yourself as you unfold. It’s time for everyone to be aware of what is happening and choose to love the Human self and be open to the part of you/consciousness that is non-physical… your own divinity/spirit that is waiting to take you beyond the Human game of fear, lack and victimisation and express your heart and soul desire, living a true sensational life of loving celebration on the physical plane.

I was delighted last week to come across Andrew Joyce who wrote a very moving post Again… sharing with us his own experience in two world wars, and now as a vibrant 103 year ‘young man’ living in Florida, has a powerful message asking everyone to choose Fear or Love. Enjoy this beautiful story.

I went off to war at the tender age of sixteen. My mother cried and begged me to stay, but my country needed me. I would not see my mother again for four very long years.

Due to my age, I was assigned to field headquarters as a dispatch courier for the first two years of the war. However, by the beginning of the third year, I had grown a foot taller and was shaving. And because men were dying at an alarming rate, I was sent into the trenches’ Andrew Joyce.


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