Nature taught me something

It was summer of 2016, there I was in Himalayan ranges in India on a trek to SAR pass.

I realised the value of a drop of water when there was no water available overnight due to extreme freezing cold

I realised the value of an inch, when I had to pass thru the narrow path over 13000ft

I realised the value of a minute, when I could get to mobile network for a minute after 4 days and reply to love of my life and my parents, that I’m still alive and safe

I realised the value of the people I love he most, when I wasn’t stuck between gadgets and materialistic things and I could think only about them round the clock

I realised the value a friend, when he extended hand to climb the toughest patches

I realised the value of smiling, when everyone was exhausted and I could make up their mood with just a smile and some humor, atleast for few more kilometres

I realised, we all realised.. and we all value this nature and realisation more than materialistic things

Travel • Love • Live • Repeat

Published by Basant Jajoo


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