Dos and Dont's of Wearing Your Fine Jewelry to The Beach

Dos and Dont's of Wearing Your Fine Jewelry to The Beach

Oct 26, 2021, 2:55:52 PM Life and Styles

You may have seen dozens of influencers, celebrities, and fashion icons wearing their precious jewelry to the beach and in the water, which gives many women the green light to do the same. But right from the sand to the beach air and even ocean water can cause havoc with your jewelry and damage it beyond repair.


So, if you are keen to maintain your jewelry, here are a couple of things to keep in mind before heading to the beach wearing your precious jewelry.


Sand can be rough on your metal band

Keep in mind that sand is rough and abrasive especially to softer metals so while your diamond engagement rings in Lufkin, TX with a platinum or titanium band might be fine, but metals like gold, vermeil jewelry, and others might get scratched or degraded.


When heading to the beach, avoid wearing softer metals; instead, stick to durable pieces of metal.


Saltwater can affect your gemstones

Saltwater and ocean air can affect your diamond necklace in Lufkin, TX, and reduce its lifespan and shine. Pieces that are crafted from rose gold, turquoise, aquamarine, coral, and more will absorb the ocean air causing them to degrade.


The saltwater also reacts with copper in certain metal bands causing it to wear down and look tarnished and dull.


You can lose your pieces in the water

When it comes to wearing your diamond necklace in Lufkin, TX or even a diamond ring keep in mind that cold water can cause your fingers to shrink and your ring might slip off while swimming. Once gone, you’ll never be able to get it back and the same goes for the swimming pool. Bracelets that are tight are fine but avoid wearing rings on the beach.


If you are just relaxing on the sand and not in the water then try wearing durable gemstones like diamonds, sapphires. and rubies or you can just wear your titanium or tungsten wedding band that won’t get scratched or tarnished easily.


End Note

When it comes to wearing any jewelry pieces on the beach, you need to immediately clean them after returning. Use a mixture of warm soapy water or even a clean damp cloth and dry it with a soft microfiber cloth.


You can also give your pieces to a professional jeweler for repair, polishing, and maintenance so that they are in great condition for years to come. 

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