My liquid lipstick collection : KylieCosmetics

My liquid lipstick collection : KylieCosmetics

Sep 2, 2016, 12:38:28 AM Life and Styles


I'm back with a little series.
As I mentioned in my last blogpost, I'm pretty active on snapchat at the moment. That's where I got the idea for this series from. I took a snap of my liquid lipstick collection and thought, why not review each brand of liquid lipstick I have?
So here we are and I'm gonna review my KylieCosmetics liquid lipsticks first, as they are all the rage and everybody and their mum has them.

I currently have eleven shades and am very keen on getting more. The formula of these liquid lipsticks is really good, drying but in a good way. I love it when a liquid lipstick really dries and doesn't move throughout the day and these do exactly that!
Lots of people say: "You don't need a lipliner with a liquid lipstick!" and while that might be true, I think my liquid lipstick application is so much more precise and they stay so much better. Just another reason why I really like her liquid lipsticks, she now sells them individually, which is perfect for the people who don't want/need the lipliners.
But I'm telling you if you think about getting something of her website, get the lipkits. The lipliners don't just help the application but they also are so creamy and easy to combine with other lipsticks!

So, the question is, do I like them? YES! I love them, the formula is bomb the lipliners are to die for and I also think she has one of the best and widest selection of nude colours.

I'm missing five/six colours, the two blue ones, Freedom and SkyliePosie KDead of KnightKoko KDirty PeachLove Bite and Brown Sugar.
I just ordered Love Bite and Brown Sugar, so they should be here any day now!

The two blue ones are sold out anyways and don't really tickle my fancy, same goes for PosieK, it's just two pinky for me. Dead of Knight is like any other black liquid lip and KokoK is most probably two pink for my liking aswell, even though I do now have it in a mini format, from her Birthday Collection.

Now let's get to the ones I have and love!

My favourite by far, is Dolce K. It is the perfect browny, ashy nude! On my skin tone it looks nothing like on Kylie. I'm WAAAAAY lighter in complexion.
To be exact it's a grungey 90ties nude, which to me is the best nude EVER!


The more funky colours that I have so far are Kristen22Kourt KGinger & True Brown K.
I haven't worn any but Ginger & Kristen in public so far. At first I was very weary of Kristen because as you might have guessed by now I'm not that into pinky shades. But to be very fair, I LOVED IT! Such a pretty shade and nothing like anything I have in my collection so far. Ginger is more of a terracotta brown, which I never thought would suit my complexion but it actually does.


The most standard colour is Mary Jo K in my opinion.
Ir's a classic red with a blue undertone, just what every girl "needs" in their collection.
Who doesn't like a classic red?


The nudes in her collection have a very large range of understones, pinky, beige and even neutral ones, which I think nobody else but her has to offer in the liquid lipstick game.

Exposed being the beige undertoned one, Maliboo the neutral one and Candy K the pinky one. So as you see there's one nude for everybody.


The last one in my collection is probably Leo, which unfortunately she is not going to be keeping in her permanent collection.
It's a very deep blood red and if you know me, then you know it speaks to my depths!


As soon as I get Love Bit and Brown Sugar I will put up my opinion to them including swatches on this post.

So all in all, do I encourage you to jump onto the bandwagon, YES I DO!
The products are worth it.

Take care and stay tuned for my next liquid lipstick edition,


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