Nov 22, 2016, 9:40:11 PM Opinion


Dreams can be so beautiful... You can almost do everything u thought you could never do. You can drive, ride, swim, fly high and even score 100/100 in mathematics... 😜  

Well, what actually is a Dream? Is dream the same dream what i dreamt of when I was a little girl to become someone grown up? Or is Dream that Dream I dreamt of being with someone forever? Now that, I have grown up i feel that "Forever" is just an understatement... Why do we always think about "Forever", "Eternity" or "until Death do us Part", In the process of making everything we have last forever, we don't enjoy the present moment and we completely miss our finest moments. We forget our beautiful present .Why? Is that our insecurities? Or is it that we have been through so much in life that we just want to settle – I am still wondering what is called as “Settled” 😜 Life is just a continuous change process and we might never Settle.

There was a time when I had someone and I thought he was mine forever. I thought only death would part us. Guess what?? As funny as it sounds now he's someone's forever and am someone else's..😜 As I write this article I sit and wonder why can't dreams be real?  Or why can’t reality be just beautiful as Dreams..... 💭💭I wonder.......




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