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Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

What you may consider interesting persuasive speech topics may not necessarily be found interesting to your audience. Before I provide you with a list of interesting persuasive speech topics, I will first provide you with the key components of choosing interesting persuasive speech topics.


Anything that is going on that could or does have a direct impact on people’s lives is interesting. People are more likely to pay attention to something that they are or could be involved with like help with assignment writing rather than something that is happening thousands of miles away in a foreign land (though, fortunately there are groups of people who are passionate about these topics too).

If you are giving a persuasive speech as to why the city (which you live in) should pass a no tolerance for hate crimes law, and you are giving this speech in the next city over, you may not see the results you like. This implies that your speech should also be relevant- whether that be geographical or situational-make an impact that is relevant.

Debatable/Controversial Topics

Some of the most interesting persuasive speech topics that you could choose from will be highly controversial. Choose which side you are going to rally for and do your research. When you are presenting a highly controversial topic you may find yourself in a debate. You need to know what you are talking about with supportive and factual references to back up your claims.


Humor can do wonders for a speech if you know how to use it. Interesting persuasive speech topics that include humor are a sure pick for a successful speech. Even if the topic is not necessarily funny, just by adding a funny personal story that is relevant can help you achieve your goal of persuasion.

Serves a purpose

When you are choosing from a list of interesting speech topics, try to think of what you want your audience to get from your speech. If you can find a way to serve a purpose with your speech you are more likely to be convincing and credible.

To serve a purpose with a speech is to work towards a solution to a particular problem. Let’s say you were giving a speech on why the state should pass a law that would regulate the price of gas. You would be persuading people to support the idea of the bill by serving a purpose. That purpose would be a benefit to state residents not having to pay too much for gas-make sense?

In truth, it’s not always the topic but the person presenting the topic that makes for an interesting speech. Take your time browsing through the site to learn how to write a persuasive speech, look at some persuasive speech outlines or some examples of famous persuasive speeches and then choose from the list of interesting persuasive speech topics to get you moving in the right direction.

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