I Save Everyone, So Who Saves Me?

I Save Everyone, So Who Saves Me?

Nov 17, 2017, 12:52:13 AM Life and Styles

Who helps you when you’re too busy helping others? You give your last even if it means you’re left with absolutely nothing afterwards. There’s nothing wrong with helping others! In fact, I’m a strong believer in karma and this is what pushes me (a little) to help others. If you help others good karma will pay you back, but the real question is when?! When will that ‘good karma’ come around?

It’s exhausting, you know… helping everyone. I personally feel that the world is made up of people who love to take and barely want to ever give. As you may have noticed already, I’ve been made a fool of by those I helped. 

I’ve come across some of the most selfish, unkind people, and yet I’ll disregard their evil ways and STILL make sure to be there when they need me. This way of living is actually super draining to the mind, body, and soul. 

Let’s say a bunch of people– including yourself– are tossed into the  Pacific ocean. You immediately begin to swim to those panicking and get them to safety. Once finished, you see that everyone is out of the water except for you. Suddenly, you catch a cramp from all the swimming you had to do. Who jumps back in the Pacific to save you if they were all panicking or afraid of the water?  Who saves you?! 

Well this is how I’m feeling. I’m currently struggling with fatigue and stress from constantly helping and supporting others and not getting anything in return. Honestly, you begin to question if your efforts are noticed; You wonder when your ‘big break’ will come. 

I had to quickly realize that karma doesn’t always happen overnight. It may take a day, a month, maybe even years before your ‘good karma’ comes. 

If you help others just because you want something good to happen to you in return, are you truly being helpful or are you being selfish? 


I had to tell myself to step back and take a deep breath! Why am I worrying about when I’m going to be rewarded for my work, when God is leading me through this journey!? He has something amazing in store for me, I just have to continue to work hard and stay passionate regardless of the reward. 

By worrying about others and why they haven’t returned the favor, I’m letting them have that control over my life! Sure, I feel I help everyone and never get anything back afterwards; but that’s not why I help out. I help others because I care, I help others because I would want someone to help me–if i needed it. 

You’ll quickly become an angry, stressed out human-being if you wait around for people to pay you back. Don’t worry about them girl! God sees what you’re doing. 

There’s something GREATER in store for you.

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