Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance Violin Teacher in Singapore

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance Violin Teacher in Singapore

Nov 27, 2020, 5:08:29 AM Entertainment

At some point in our lives, we tend to venture into new things-- a hobby, a new adventure, or a new skill. It is actually a good practice that we always aim to know and learn more. Learning to play an instrument is one of the most common practices ever since we were kids. And as we age, it is not too late to learn a new one at any given point in our lives. But the complicated part is where to start. Take for example, violin lessons Singapore. There would be several studios, music schools, and other individuals offering cheap violin lessons Singapore options within a mile radius from where you are.

Aside from individuals tied up with music schools that offer violin lessons, there are also freelancers. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring a freelance violin teacher in Singapore. These are three pros or advantages of hiring a freelance violin teacher in Singapore.

Flexible Time

Freelancers more often than not work on their own. Therefore, they decide on their own and can customize and adjust their services depending on customers’ requests. For an individual who also works five days a week and during regular working hours, hiring a freelance violin teacher may be the best option. They would be able to offer private violin lessons to the customer. Receiving private violin lessons from a freelance violin teacher means that there is no fixed time. With this, the customers will have more freedom when choosing the schedule of their private violin lessons from a freelancer.

This would also remove the pressure of attending these lessons. For some, the fun in learning something new fades. Some may feel like attending these lessons feel more like an obligation rather than something they enjoy doing as time passes by. But with a freelance violin teacher, private violin lessons can always be adjusted and be taken during time that is convenient for the customer. This way, learning how to play the violin would not feel like a task but something to look forward to. It would not take away the fun of learning new things.

Personalized Lesson Plan

Every individual is different from each other. Thus, every person who is interested in cheap violin lessons Singapore options do not have the same level of skills even though they are all considered as beginners. With freelancers, because you will receive private violin lessons, you also have the luxury of getting customized violin lessons. The violin lessons will be best suited for you and your current skills. With this, things will be taught starting from where you know and what your skills are. So, you will find it easier to adjust and learn things as things are taken at your own pace.

Flexible Rates

It can be hard to decide to give a portion of your finances to something that is considered a non-essential thing. Especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. But with freelance violin teachers, you can have the luxury of learning something new in cheap violin lessons in Singapore without having to spend so much of your money. As written in the first point, freelancers are not tied to companies or any big music studios. Therefore, they decide on their own and everything they make goes to their pockets. This gives them the freedom to lower their rates. This makes them more competitive and pleasing to customers compared to their competitors.

Customize schedules and lesson plans would also mean different rates. This way, you would be sure that the money you are paying is equal to the service that you are getting.


Everything in life comes with a downside. Hiring a freelance violin teacher from a cheap violin lessons Singapore may be the best option based on the things written about. However, to be able to make a smart decision about anything in our lives we must also consider looking at the disadvantages. If there is one thing that we should consider before finally signing up and starting private violin lessons with a freelance violin teacher, it is this:

No Guarantee

Not being tied with a big company may have given us two advantages as to why we should hire a freelance violin teacher. However, it can also contribute to why it is not advisable to hire one. Being a freelancer means that there is no one to back up your words or credentials aside from yourself. Unlike being connected to a bigger company, there would be a more credible entity to vouch for them whether it's their skills or accomplishments as a musician.

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