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Greetings! My name is Benjamin Bellah. I am 22 years old, which is not very old at all. I know I have massive amounts to learn and discover. I love mixing old ideas and new. I enjoy foreign cultures as well as studying my own. I love to learn the differences and similarities of things and I am constantly in search of novelties. I believe life is an adventure and every aspect of it can be lived as one. I like to travel often, and I like weddings, nature, creativity, great clothes, and symphonies. I think smiling is the best thing anyone can wear and attempt to do it often. I make a habit of thinking too much, but that’s because I feel I have to make up for those who seem not to think at all. I believe there is a secret to everything, and I intend to find many secrets in my lifetime. Hopefully, through my writing, I can preserve them for others. I am not a conformist. I am a young man looking to discover. I write because I love, because I feel. It is my way of aligning with that inherent drive that is in each of us, the drive to create.

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