How to Make Great Changes by Harnessing Your Small Thoughts

How to Make Great Changes by Harnessing Your Small Thoughts

One of the most amazing things about the human mind lies in the power of thought. Our thoughts truly define our existence and relationship with other beings and objects. The most startling discoveries and most massive growth occur as a result of a little change of thought.

Small thoughts aren't really the ones you are consciously trying to muster. Epiphanies abound, but most of them escape us when we are in the act of running after them. However, during the moments we least suspect, our lives are changed forever by a single understanding.

What do I mean by small thoughts? Well, those thoughts that subtly encroach our typical day without prior effort. They connect dots that we have been trying to nail down for months. They open up our eyes to a reality that had previously escaped us. And they always surprise us. Small thoughts are the tiny understandings that bring the big picture together.


Small thoughts lead to the biggest changes.


Now, you cannot force a small thought into existence. But by filling your world with a plethora of great events and influences, you can heighten the chance of experiencing one. This, therefore, increases growth. So when a small thought comes, hold onto it tightly.

By nature, small thoughts are fleeting. The moment you recognize its existence, you might want to write it down or ponder it for a bit. This is the best way to take full advantage.


New knowledge and impartation develop the right environment for a small thought.


If you are not acquiring novel input or experiencing unique situations, small thoughts will have a hard time getting through to your conscious brain. They will remain drowned in the old habits and efficient processes of the brain.

Our conscious has developed quite the network of systems to process information. And the brain is constantly trying to get more efficient with them. This is good in that you don't have to think about every single thing you do. However, it can stunt growth after a while if you don't challenge the brain with new obstacles to overcome. The moment you do, it is forced into a thinking mode that is primed for small thoughts to present themselves. This is the mode you should be cultivating.


If you want big changes, cultivate and harness small thoughts by opening up your world to new environments rich with meaning and inspiration.


I hope this year you choose to challenge yourself with new things and ideas. I hope you put yourself in situations you would never have had the courage to be in before. I hope you make great changes for the better by harnessing your small thoughts. And I hope this new year is your best year yet.


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