On How to Maximize Your Moments

On How to Maximize Your Moments

Why are we consumed with getting the most out of everything? Why do we drain things dry? Many times in this world you’re told to grab what you can and give nothing back. But how dry does that end up making you?

I have found that when you suck the life out of other things and people, life is sucked out of yourself.

Now, I like to jump on every chance I get. I want to take full advantage of whatever is before me just like most people. This can mean interacting with people, attending events, or prioritizing adventure. I attempt to maximize every process and action.

However, in this season of peace, that’s not how I’m finding contentment. That’s not the secret to living free.

Seizing opportunities and focusing on getting the most out of any moment is not bad inherently. But it can easily mean missing out on the point. When you are consumed with what you are achieving, exacting, and experiencing, you are centered on yourself. And humans are not designed to function by self-propulsion. Have a heart and move the focus of the moment to what things mean how they make people feel.

Maximizing a moment doesn’t mean consciously sucking it dry. It means being present. It means trusting, and not adjusting. It means doing what you do for something other than yourself.

And it’s about knowing the difference between investing in the moment and bereaving it. Give, give, give.

Focus. Outward.


Originally published on http://andwethink.wordpress.com

Published by Benjamin Bellah

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