We are Humans, We are Them

They are just people.

We often give attention in the wrong manner toward our fellow human beings. Remaining attentive of our surroundings and especially the people in our world is commendable for it presents opportunity to both change and be changed by other individuals. However, our system has been set up to judge with certainty what we see and feel. And when it comes to judging how we see and feel other humans, there is but one thing that will keep us grounded.

Our social interaction follows along the path of introduction, recognition, affiliation, and understanding. Throughout the transpiration of this pattern our feelings can move drastically up and down the spectrum of estimation. This is the result of preconceived notions and personal taste. There is one way to constrain one’s regard for another individual to the confines of reasonability. This concept is a subtle mental calculation that remains as the background perception of the other human. That is, it is an understanding that is held regardless of what happens to inject itself into the mind from other influences.

The noble and pragmatic inference of which I speak is always present, and therefore always accessible. This is what makes it the perfect candidate for balancing our subjective nature. The point is to recall and give unceasing attention to the matter of fact that the individual before you, whether in real-time or in concept, is only human.

Humans react to the humanity of others in two ways. They either hate it, or love it, depending on their own presuppositions of their own human nature. All humans possess an idea of the level of greatness or the level of depravity of humanity. This is known. The dissonance comes when men and women attempt to infer that some humanities are greater than others. They want to separate humanity into classifications. But the truth is human nature is the same across the board. There are many things that distinguish us as individuals and cultures, but this is not one of them. And that is why it is ideal to be used for relation and empathy amongst us all.

Seeing another as human gives you the benefit of identifying with their nature. It shows us that as humans they should not be demeaned below or exalted above the nature of their humanity. For to do this, in a human’s eyes, would be paradoxical. If humans are honest with themselves, and adopt the supposition of another’s genuine humanity, we would see much better relations between individuals.

They create art, discover poetry, adore competence, live for ideals, find meaning, think broadly, learn passionately, adventure bravely, and inspire purposefully.

They are humans.

We <u>are</u> them.


Originally published on http://sherlock1815.wordpress.com

Published by Benjamin Bellah

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