Your Friends Are For You

Sometimes we feel our friends are becoming distant and standoffish toward us. You may potentially even be wondering if you are still friends or have moved off onto the plane of “acquaintanceship”.

Well first off, I think it’s safe to say this happens to everybody. We all experience loneliness at some point in our lives. I think the thing to remember during this time is that our friends are for us.

Your friends are for you.

Honestly, though your friendship may seem to be at its end, it doesn’t mean you aren’t well-liked. Friends will always appreciate your presence and your spirit. Friends will always want the best for you. Friends love it when you thrive, even if they are not there to see it. Your friends may not be close by forever, but they wish they could be. And that's what matters.

Your friends are for you.

Published by Benjamin Bellah

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