Top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus

Top 5 YouTube Beauty Gurus

Jan 8, 2017, 8:48:33 PM Creative

Ah, beauty gurus, they’re in abundance on the internet, all varying in technique and whatnot, there’s one out there for everybody. So who do I watch? Well, I’m glad you asked (you didn’t, but since you’re here, you may as well know).

Edward Avila 

Edward Avila – or as his subscribers call him, Daddy -is a beauty guru that I found this year and he has quickly become one of my favourites. His makeup looks are diverse, from looks for people that want something more natural (or masculine, if that applies to you) to ones for people that want to do something more bold. Alongside his makeup tutorials and product reviews, he includes vlogs and gives you a small window into life in Seoul. I love his sense of humour and the content he creates. I highly recommend you watch his videos if you haven’t already!


Suhrealmakeup AKA Christina Suh. I found her channel last year and I absolutely love her makeup looks. As a full-fledged professional makeup artist, she does anything from bold makeup looks to special effects that are perfect for Halloween. If you’re into Kpop, she’s done a fair few idol inspired and idol transformations which are pretty incredible. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for some fun makeup looks to do.

Denitslava Makeup

Denitslava is a Bulgarian makeup artist that does makeup looks like give me so much life. She is actual goals, honestly. She has nicely done tutorials and even detailed tutorials on how she does her eyeliner and eyebrows. Her makeup looks are always really fun and can range from being incredibly easy to being fairly difficult, but all in all, there’s a tutorial on there for everyone. I recommend checking her out if you’re looking for someone that does makeup similar to all those ones you see on Instagram and Twitter.

홀리 (Holy)

Holy is a very talented Korean beauty guru that does makeup looks that completely transform her face. Her bright personality makes her videos that much more entertaining and her tutorials are fairly detailed. 100% recommended. (Note: her videos are entirely in Korean and none of them have subtitles (well, one does, but that was the video she did with Leo J, whose videos all have subtitles on them)).

Stef Sanjati

Last, but certainly not least, is Stef. I found Stef around a year ago and I fell absolutely in love with her. She’s sweet, she’s hilarious and she creates a positive environment within her channel. She promotes positivity and even provides feminising makeup tutorials for trans people that wish to have a more feminine look to their face and haven’t undergone FFS. She focuses primarily on lifestyle and trans issues, but of course, she has beauty videos in there too. I recommend watching all of her videos and not just swerving the lifestyle and trans issues videos. Her content is absolutely wonderful and I adore her.


And that concludes my list of top five beauty gurus on YouTube. Which one of these are you more likely to watch? Let me know! I’m curious.
Until next time, guys, bye!

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