REVIEW: Demon Hunters: Trinity by Olivia Chase

REVIEW: Demon Hunters: Trinity by Olivia Chase

Sep 9, 2016, 12:54:49 AM Entertainment

Title: Demon Hunters: Trinity by Olivia Chase
Pages: 240
Published by: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 8th September 2016
Genre: Paranormal
Format: eBook


For fans of Cassandra Clare, this kick-ass new series will keep you on the edge of your seat. . .

With an occult detective for a dad, Diana’s normal life has never been too normal. Uprooted by investigations, she finds herself on a long train journey to Edinburgh, sitting next to a boy who makes her heart melt. Or something melt. Anyway, she’s melting. Maybe a new life in Scotland won’t be so bad, after all?

But when Di’s recurring nightmares start to come true, her destiny changes for ever. After her dad goes missing, she becomes part of a Trinity of Demon Hunters. Along with her two new friends, she needs to face down death, rescue her dad and save their city. Because that’s what Demon Hunters do, right?

There’s only one question left to answer: how do you kill a dead man?

My review:

I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I thought this was a really interesting idea for a story and the fact that it was recommended for fans of Cassandra Clare caught my attention immediately. I can certainly see why it would draw the attention of fans of Clare’s work with there being Demon Hunters and such. Whilst I didn’t think it was as good as Clare’s work I enjoyed certain aspects of it. I loved the fact that the main character, Diana, was trained in ju-jitsu so I knew straight away we’d have a kick-ass main character! It was a really nice change to see in young adult books because in a lot of them the main character is just an ordinary girl with no special talent until she finds out she has a hidden past. I also liked the fact that her father was a ghost hunter and was a published author for this genre. It added a nice twist to the book and made the story more interesting. I really liked the visions and flashbacks Diana was having and I thought it set up the story really well.

I really liked Diana but at times I thought it was a little unrealistic how easily she accepted her fate as a Demon Hunter. I thought it could have done with a bit more build up and she could have been a bit more hesitant rather than just so easily accepting it. It felt a little rushed to me. I really liked Vesta and Minerva and I loved, loved, loved how all three of them were Demon Hunters. It was great to see a friendship develop between them and then go on to become a much stronger bond that linked them all together. It was nice to see girls being kick-ass instead of guys. I love that they all had their own individual weapons to fight with as well and there were some really awesome fight scenes at the end!

I did have a few issues with this book but I think that might be because I was a little too old for this. I really enjoyed Demon Hunters but I thought the ending was unnecessarily long. It annoyed me that near the end of the book, about 60%-95% was spent trying to defeat the demon they were hunting. It was so ridiculous and it got to the point where I was just begging it to end. No book should spend this long in one place just going back and forth between petty arguments rather than actually fighting the bad guy. I got to around 75% and started to get bored and I was disappointed that it went on for so long. There is one particular scene at the end that was way too rushed for my liking and it could have been a lot better.

I don’t really want to go into a lot of detail because I will spoil quite a bit of it otherwise! I do think that this book would be a great and really enjoyable read for younger readers. It’s a nice quick and easy book to read but I think it might have been a little too young for me. I am still interested in reading the next book though depending on the synopsis for it.

Published by Beth Ralphs

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