The Freedom of Complete Surrender

The Freedom of Complete Surrender

Jul 28, 2016, 9:46:25 PM Religion

We talk about and pray and sing repeatedly, "Lord, I surrender all." 

This is one of my personal favorite prayers and hymns. I have experienced the liberating freedom that comes with surrendering all to Christ, and there is nothing that compares. 

So, why is it then that it is so easy to pick back up what we just laid down at His feet? 

I will be the first to surrender. And then I will turn around and be the first to try and take control again. Unfortunately, this is just our human and cultural nature. We think we have to be self sufficient and independent. 

But God asks us to do the opposite. He asks us to be completely dependent on His Love, Grace, and Provision to satisfy our every need. 

Every time I pray, I always try to say, "God, I surrender all." I have done this for years. But, for the last few weeks, God has been asking to me change this prayer. Instead of praying, "I surrender all" with the same "all" in mind every time, God has been leading me to pray, "God, I STILL surrender." 

God honors our surrender. But I don't believe He wants us to repeatedly have to surrender the exact same things because we keep picking them back up again. God asks us to completely, continuously surrender. To STILL surrender all. 

This isn't going to happen over night or in a matter of a week. This is going to take daily, conscious practice. 

But, oh the freedom that comes with complete, continous surrender. There is no greater relief than relinquishing all control. 

Published by Bethany Boynton

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