Makeup: Good or Bad?

Makeup: Good or Bad?

Makeup. One of the largest sectors of not just the beauty world but of modern society. Yet even as young girls are growing up they are being presented with two conflicting arguments. On the one side are those for makeup: makeup is a tool of empowerment, designed to increase your confidence and allow you to express your individuality. On the other hand are naturalists: makeup is unnecessary and can even do more psychological harm than good. So who is right?

Possibly the main argument against makeup is that it can act as a mask that gives the facade of confidence when really all it serves for is to hide insecurities. This of course can have an extremely negative impact on someone's mental health, especially in a society that can judge so harshly. But then if makeup helps you to feel more confident in your own skin and express yourself, then surely that is a benefit?

Another argument is the classic 'men like natural girls'. Who said that makeup was worn just to impress other people? You may indulge in a little extra every now and again (but then who hasn't gone that extra mile before) but sometimes makeup is just a tool for yourself, designed to make yourself feel good regardless of who else is looking.

Whilst it is true that a copious amount of pressure to wear makeup at a young age can have a detrimental effect, it doesn't mean all makeup is a curse. And as you grow older and develop a natural confidence, it becomes a tool to express your individuality and please yourself.

So while makeup definitely has its good and bad points, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is one or the other. Neither side is completely wrong in this argument, but neither is completely right. It is all about finding the right balance and choosing what is best for you, be that going completely au naturale or Hollywood glam.

Published by Bethen Hughes

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