After the Fall (From the Wreckage Book 4) By Michele G Miller

After the Fall (From the Wreckage Book 4) By Michele G Miller

Jan 10, 2017, 8:55:52 PM Entertainment



*This is a New Adult stand alone novel


She’s this enigma. A beautiful mess. A brilliant mind with a sharp tongue. Our first meeting, she stopped me in my tracks. But she wants nothing to do with me.


He’s only a guy. Gorgeous with a million-dollar smile . . . But still, a guy. I can ignore the unfamiliar softness of his brown eyes. I can ignore the way he walks, stops, and stares as though he’s waiting for something. He’ll lose interest. They always do once they know they’ll get nothing from me . . .


Isn't the first step to recovery admitting you have a problem? Well, I have a problem. I have become addicted to the Rutledge boys and Miller's writing. I enjoyed Austin and Cassie's story, but my heart does still belong to West. If only he were real and mine. *sigh*

Cassie's story repeatedly broke my heart. I really don't know how she was still so strong after everything she went through growing up. I am even more baffled by her callous mother. I will never understand how someone can treat a child, or any human being, like she treated Cassie.

Miller has an unbelievable talent for portraying the emotions of her characters. Every ounce of fear Cassie felt, I felt. I also felt Austin's frustration and anger and the love both of them felt towards each other.

If you have not already read From the Wreckage, book 1 in this series, you seriously need to one click it now. I will post the link below as well as the link to books 2-4 in the series.

From the Wreckage (Book 1) Amazon Link (Free at the time of posting):

Out of Ruins (Book 2) Amazon Link:

All that Remains (Book 3) Amazon Linik:

After the Fall (Book 4) Amazon Link:


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"Your lady parts cannot end the night crying over some guy who wasn't smart enough to see what a catch you were."

"How can I miss a girl I don't even know?"

"I'm freaking Clark Kent ready to strip into my Superman suit and save this damsel in distress."

"My lady parts sigh as I watch Austin take each bit. It's like foreplay. He's so sexy. You can admit that and keep your distance...It's allowed."

"I'm not one of those guys who wants to add notches to my bedpost and never have something real...I'm not afraid of relationships, Cass. I just never found the right girl. Until now."

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