Charmed by the Mountain Prince

Charmed by the Mountain Prince

Nov 11, 2016, 2:10:37 AM Entertainment



“This is happening, Princess. It’s time you took my royal c*ck.”


Being a Prince may be my f*cking duty, but there’s no way in hell I’m living in the stuffy castle.
I prefer my cabin in the woods; the one I built with my own two hands.
The time has come for my arranged marriage.
Hell, there are worse things than having a woman in my bed every night.
Regardless of who this Princess is, I’m not changing my ways.
But then Iris shows up with ultimatums and a perfect p*ssy.
One of us has gotta give.


I leave home with optimism … somehow I’ve got to make this work.
So what if this prince has a reputation for being a royal ass?
It’s still an adventure — which is all I’ve ever wanted.
Garrick is ruggedly handsome and our chemistry is undeniable.
But the rumors are true…
He’s more than a jerk; he’s stubborn as hell.
But I have a plan to change his cocky ways.
He just has to agree to it.
Wish me luck.

DEAREST READER: It’s time to cozy up with a new mountain prince. Garrick is filthy dirty and needing to be tamed. Get ready to fantasize about all the ways you can whip him into shape. ;)


Frankie Love has done it again. Charmed by the Mountain Prince is hot, steamy, and oh so delicious. 

Iris and Prince Garrick are both stubborn and speak their minds, which are my favorite type of characters. I enjoyed watching both Iris and Garrick grow and  ultimately become willing to compromise for each other, despite their extreme stubbornness. 

Each of the books in the Mountain Prince series starts and the same moment in time, just from a different sister's point of view, which makes the series flow flawlessly and easy to follow. Each book also ends leading perfectly into the next, so I am now going to go dive into the final Mountain Prince story.



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