Compassion by Xavier Neal

Compassion by Xavier Neal

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Contemporary Romance


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How far will compassion take them?

Jaye Jenkins is dealing with the death of her fiance, an overbearing mother and an awkward social existence when a green eyed stranger stumbles into her life. For some reason she can't stop thinking about the mysterious man she knows she has no right to be fantasizing about. Suddenly an uncontrollable situation occurs, and in a single moment, one simple act of kindness changes everything.


Compassion was my first experience reading any of Xavier Neal's works and I could not put it down! If something came up that required my attention, I would have Jaye and Asher on my mind the entire time. I enjoyed the inclusion of an interracial couple. It's not something you find very often in the world of romance books. Neal's writing style was different, but I loved it once I caught on. The main characters have complete inner dialogues with themselves, which are witty and humorous. 

My favorite thing about Compassion is the overall message of this book, which the world seriously needs to hear right now, and it's spotlight on how we treat our veterans, the men and women who risk everything for our country. The kindness in this book literally made me cry because it was just so overwhelming. Even just the smallest act of kindness can rock a person's world and give them hope. You don't know what has led a person the their current situation in life, so don't judge them just because they are struggling. Don't look down on them because they are homeless. Show them compassion and kindness. They are human too.

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"Do you know how fucking depressing that is? To know I could disappear right now and no one would even mourn me?"

"Archer's rugged with scars and tattoos, his flesh is one walking story I wanna hear."

"I gave my life for this country. For these...people and when the tables are turned they can't give back?"

"It takes guts to move forward. And if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have found the courage to do it myself."

"A little compassion can go a long way."

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