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I was provided an ARC of Darkshine by R.D. Vallier in exchange for an honest review.

Darkshine by R.D. Vallier is the first book in the Darkshine series.


Miriam always knew something wasn’t quite right with her life, but it isn’t until a clash with the supernatural that she discovers her entire existence is built upon lies. Now two magical beings are promising the truth. One problem: Only one version is correct and each insists the other will bring her destruction. 

When Miriam discovers secrets that can destroy her husband’s political campaign, she finds the strength to escape his abuse and seek her true and magical birthright. But he refuses to lose his wife so easily, and will hunt her down to assure his secrets are never exposed.


Darkshine is an exquisite fantasy novel. From the very beginning, Darkshine grasped my attention and had me begging for more. R.D. Vallier's writing flows smoothly throughout the entire novel. The details and imagery that are included in Darkshine made me feel like I was right in the middle of all the action with Miriam, Orin, and Delano. 

I really enjoyed how Darkshine is a fantasy novel that revolves around adults and, likewise, is a more mature fantasy story. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series! I actually wanted to start it immediately after I finished Darkshine, but unfortunately it doesn't come out until next year....




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