From the Wreckage

From the Wreckage

Jan 6, 2017, 10:50:19 PM Entertainment



“In a matter of minutes on a Friday night, I lost my school, my identity, the security of my first love, the personality of my sweet fearless brother, my best friend, my town, everything as I knew it. Everything changed.”

"Minutes - that’s all it takes to change your entire life. How do you deal with that?”

For high school senior Jules Blacklin surviving the storm is only the beginning. Faced with the new reality of her life, she must find a way to rise From The Wreckage and answer the question - how do you get back to normal, when everything that was normal is gone?


I don't even know where to begin with talking about this story. I opened my Kindle and started reading From the Wreckage at 6pm and didn't stop until I was finished. Then I grabbed a drink and started on book 2: Out of Ruins.

This book will pull you in and make sure you are unable to see to any of your daily obligations. Do the kids need to eat or laundry need washed? Too bad. Your eyes will be immersed in the small Texas town of Tyler and its story.

Miller has written characters that I connected with in a way that few other authors ever have. Jules and Katie are so sweet and I love their friendship with Tanya. The guys even have there own bromance going on that is adorable. Then there is West Rutledge. West gives me all the feels. Especially since he has the whole bad boy thing going on, but he is so protective and kind and caring and great with little kids...excuse me while I swoon away. Oh! Did I mention he rides a motorcycle?

Seriously. If you enjoy emotional roller coasters, such as It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover, then you will fall in love with Miller's series.

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"There's no way to describe the sound of a building falling to pieces above your head. The snapping of wood, the shattering of glass-it can't be described."

"Minutes-that's all it takes to change your entire life."

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