Haunting Fairytales Collection Volume 1

I was provided an ARC of Haunting Fairytales Collection Volume 1 in exchange for an honest review.

When I was told about this book, I was immediately interested. I grew up hearing the happily-ever-after Disney version of the classic fairy tales like most girls and later on in my life I started watching the new show Once Upon a Time (ok I still watch this show, but I am a little behind.) The thought of a putting a modern and haunting twist on the classics was very intriguing for me. Needless to say, my inner child is always interested in a fairy tale.

Amazon Description

Re-imagining The Frog Prince, Beauty and the Beast, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid. R. l. Weeks brings you The Haunting Fairytales Collection, Volume 1. 

Edward was cursed to be a Toad after breaking Lori’s heart. Now he wants his happy ending back, and he doesn’t care how many happily ever after’s he ruins trying to get it. 
The Evil Queen, Lori, is out to make sure that Edward never finds happiness. 
Stilt will use any means necessary to get what he wants after a disastrous incident which left his wife childless and heartbroken. 
Belle, Snow Ariel, James, and many more characters find themselves as pawns in a dangerous game played between the most powerful sorcerers in all the lands.


R.L Weeks did an amazing job re-telling the classic fairy tales in a haunting way but with her own unique twist. I really enjoy how the entire book was one combined story, instead of several separate stories each featuring a different classic fairy tale character. Weeks did a great job maintaining the classic fairy tale feel and each character's unique personality throughout the book, while still modernizing the story. 

There were so many twists and turns that I couldn't predict what would happen next. Right as you would start to feel sympathy towards a character, he or she would do something to make you frustrated and angry for them! Other times, you feel bad that a character was so close to their happy ending just to have it yanked away because they were cursed or someone else was trying to break a curse that had been placed on them.

This is definitely a great read for those of you who enjoy fairy tales like I do! I can't wait to see what classic tales Weeks puts a spin on in Volume 2.

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