Her Things: A Story of Love and Obsession

Her Things: A Story of Love and Obsession

Oct 3, 2016, 5:08:48 PM Entertainment

I received an ARC of Her Things: A Story of Love and Obsession by Arron Washington in exchange for an honest review.


Twenty years have passed since Sophia Carter last saw his smiling face. It was a chance meeting between two youths, but what happened next seared that night into her memories. In a single moment he had completely altered the trajectory of her life — and not for the better. Now she’s thirty-two and still holding a grudge when they unexpectedly cross paths again. And, once more, he’s turned her entire world upside down with just a single glance. Not only does he look exactly as he did twenty years ago, he is, most crucially of all, not dead.

He’s. Not. Dead.

Sophia is accustomed to getting the things she wants, and now she finally has a chance to reach out and take the one thing that escaped her two decades ago: him. But how will she deal with his mysterious background, unnatural youth, and beautiful yet sadistic ex? And, more importantly, how will he deal with her?

There’s a lot of things standing in the way of Sophia’s happiness, but the biggest obstacle might be Sophia herself.


Her Things is a story that has given me an overall complicated reaction. The plot is an overall unique idea and a very interesting one at that. This story has the potential to be great and the story is well written. Washington's prose grabbed my attention and brought both the characters and story to life.

However, the main character Sophia was a very flawed character with very many personal demons in her life. Her first experience with Colin years ago had a strong impact on her as a child and she never really could forget him or move past the view of him falling through the air. Sophia's character seemed too flawed to me. Sophia's flaws and her immense personal struggles combined with her overall personality frustrated me to a the point that I couldn't enjoy the overall story. 

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