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I received an ARC of Remember by Shannon Dermott in exchange for an honest review.

Remember is the second book by Shannon Dermott that I have read and after this I have to officially add her to my favorite authors list!


Sixteen-year-old, Charlize Daniels, is resigned to her place in the shadows until one day with a rush of death, she meets him. 

He’s everything she’s not. Tall with face like an angel, a mouth like a sinner, tattoos and piercings to rival those of rock gods, in one word, he’s cocky. And worse, he comes with his own personal fan club. 

Only their every meeting is suspect, leaving her to question why he only ever turns up when her life is headed south, backwards or upside down. His explanations are shady, and his hot and cold gives her whiplash. But his lips on hers burn and take her places she’s never been. 

If only she can trust him. If only he reveals what he really is? Then hopefully they won’t end up on opposite sides of a frienemy line, and she’s forced to take him down. Worse case, he’s already planned to take her out first. And not on a date, but in a dead kind of way.


Oh my goodness! I loved this book. There was romance and action and lots of girl power. The story had me wanting to laugh, cry, and object in outrage from beginning to end. When I wasn't reading Remember, I could feel the story trying to pull me back in.

The characters in this story were easy to connect with and love or, in some cases, strongly dislike. Charlie is such a kick-ass (excuse my language) character. Her daddy taught her to fight growing up, play football, car maintenance, and how to be an independent woman.  Both Alex and Peter were gorgeous, sweet, and sexy alphas who carry a torch for Charlie. There are also several characters who are easy to dislike for obvious reasons. Specifically Raine, Elias, and Alex's dad, just to name a few.

Remember has me wishing the next book in the series was already out because I want to find out what happens next with Charlie, especially after such a cliffhanger. Shannon Dermott, you have me addicted!

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