If there’s one irresistible thing in the world, it’s definitely pizza. My friend and I had the idea to grab a long-ass lunch in between classes. There’s this thing about pizza that gives me the strength to live in this cruel world again. The point where I’m getting at, is that I found a new food hotspot. I’m always in search for new instagramable places to eat and I’m very thrilled about this one.

Del Popolo is a restaurant located in Antwerp, nearby the central station. I completely fell in love with this place, simply because of the huge tree in the middle. The interior design was a dream. Besides the interior design the employees were really nice and cheerful, also their system of working was ‘different’ but surprisingly pleasant. I had to pick an order and with my order I got a little machine, when the machine started vibrating it meant that my food was ready. Ultimately it’s a very cosy place and I definitely recommend it to all the pizza lovers in Belgium.


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