Everyday maintenance tips for expensive Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are expensive rugs. They need extra care and maintenance. They change the looks of the floor. They are contemporary, traditional, elegant and rich textured. They look good when you maintain quality.


When investing money in an expensive rug, you will have to eliminate imperfections. For monthly maintenance, you may have to hire expert rug cleaners. You can always search for the best Persian rug stain removal team online. Expert rug cleaners are easy to hire.


You can follow basic tips for performing everyday maintenance. These tips are easy to follow by anyone.


Rotate regularly


Any rug will always wear off consistently. But you have to ensure that the rug wears evenly from all sides. There will always be a few overused areas on the rugs. Consistent use will always speed up the process of wearing the rug.


You have to ensure that you keep rotating the rug in all directions every week. This will ensure that the process of wearing is even on all sides. It will also improve the life span of the Persian rugs.


Avoid sun contact


Any rug will degrade faster if it is exposed to direct sunlight. This is why it is never advisable to use the rug outdoors. Always ensure that the rug is placed in low light condition indoors. It should be away from direct contact with the sunlight.


This is one factor you may have to consider when purchasing a new rug. Sunlight exposure will always degrade the quality of the rug. It will lose its natural colour and texture.


Avoid spills


In any case, spills have to be avoided. There may be situations when spills do happen. If you face spills, then treat it immediately. Do not allow the sill to dry out naturally on the rug. You may have to soak u the spill as it happens.


For the best treatment, you should immediately hire an expert team. You will pay money for treating spills, but it will also improve the life span of the rug. Untreated spills can be a disaster for the rugs. Do not DIY technique to treat spills on your own.


Mild vacuum


Having a rug at home means you should make a habit to vacuum regularly. Rugs may need maintenance consistently. Always ensure you may use a mild powered vacuum cleaner, if you use it every day high powered vacuuming can damage the rug quality.


You can hire an expert team once a month for deep cleansing of the rugs. They will often use steam cleaning techniques.


It is also important to keep changing the position of the furniture indoors. Heavy furniture will often cause more damage. Its position has to be changed at least once a week. If possible, do not place the furniture leg on the rug.

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