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Generating leads on Facebook can be the salvation for many companies today. The potential of the leading social media platform, with its more than 2 billion users, is brutal. For this reason, more and more brands allocate a good part of their digital marketing budgets to investing in social digitaladvertising.

Thus, any company has different ways of generating leads on Facebook. Basically, they can be differentiated into 2:

  • The organic work, i.e., post messages on their own Facebook pages of the company. It is a simple and inexpensive way. But it is not the fastest. And it is not a guarantee either. Even more so when the Facebook algorithm only shows your messages to less than 1% of the community that you have already created.
  • Invest in social ads. It is the best way to generate leads on Facebook quickly and consistently. And to take advantage of the enormous number of users who connect daily to their profiles and pages. But it requires an investment and a good understanding of the options offered by the platform.

Types of advertising campaigns on Facebook

Facebook allows you to create different advertising and Facebook marketing campaign depending on the objective you are pursuing. At this time, the options that you can implement are:

  • Recognition: They serve so that the brand is known by potential clients. They can be of 2 types:
  • Scope: In order to show the ad to as many people as possible within the target audience.
  • Brand recognition: To increase the recognition of your business.
  • Consideration: They help users think about your business and find more information about it. In this case, the options proposed by Facebook are greater:
  • Traffic: To get people to go from Facebook to whatever URL you define.
  • Interaction: If you want to reach the users who are most likely to interact with your publication.
  • Installations of the app: To send people to a store where they can download your business app.
  • Video reproductions
  • Generation of leads: They are ideal for collecting potential customer data for your company.
  • Messages: To connect with people on Facebook or communicate with potential customers and generate interest in your business.
  • Conversions: Intended to find customers who want to buy your products or hire your services:
  • Catalog sales: To display products from the catalog of your e-commerce store and thus try to generate sales.
  • Business traffic: In order to promote the physical establishments of your business among people who are close to them.
  • Conversions: They seek to encourage users to take a specific action.

Scheme of a Facebook ad campaign

As you can see, if the ultimate goal is to generate leads on Facebook, it is best to bet on Facebook Lead Ads. That is, generation of potential clients with the objective of consideration.

However, before launching any social ad campaign on Facebook it is important that you master its structure. It consists of the following elements:

A.- Campaigns

It is the container for all strategy, all part of the campaign. This is where the objective is defined as well as a series of parameters, including the definition of the global budget for the entire campaign or if you want to create an A / B test strategy to evaluate the rest of the elements.

B.- Ad groups

Different ad groups can be created in the same campaign. It is here where aspects as important as the audience you are addressing are decided.

The success or failure of the campaign will depend on this segmentation. More than anything because if you do not define adequately who you are addressing, it is impossible for you to achieve your goal.

Additionally, each ad group requires you to identify other important factors such as:

  • Dates of publication of the announcements.
  • The locations, which depends on whether you want them to be displayed on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or even in other spaces that are part of the Facebook network.
  • The budget for this ad group.

C.- Announcements

This is where creativity takes on great value. Texts, images, videos, you can play with the different elements to shape as many ads as you want in each ad group. A creative marketing agency can help you in achieving the goals and targets.

Therefore, as you can see, the same campaign can contain several different ad sets. And, in turn, each ad set can consist of several specific ads.

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