Is Your Vape Causing Crackling & Popping Sounds? Know More

Is Your Vape Causing Crackling & Popping Sounds? Know More

May 20, 2021, 7:13:05 AM Business

In case you’re new to the world of vaping, then sometimes you might hear crackling or popping sounds from your vape. While that might seem strange or annoying, it’s a perfectly normal thing to experience.


However, if you notice any sudden changes to a vape sound, then it can be possible that there are underlying problems that you need to investigate. Therefore, in this guide, we'll be taking a look a some of the main causes of weird or ugly vaping sounds, so that you can be fully aware of the source of the problem.


What Is The Main Cause For Vape Popping?


It should be perceived that a light popping noise is usual and predictable. Such a sound happens when the e-juice gets heated by the coil of the Cannabis Vaporizer in the UK. This light popping noise is a good sign and it means that your e-cigarette is working as intended.


When you start vaping, since the e-liquid gets converted into vapour, that’s when you may hear a crackling sound. Some of the main factors that affect the intensity of the crackling or popping sound are:


1.          The Voltage Or Wattage Level


When you vape at too low voltages or wattages, there is a high possibility that you'll hear a crackling or popping sound. It should be noted that e-liquid doesn't get evaporated in an effective manner when you set your vape at low wattage or voltage level. You need to use at least normal or respectable levels of voltage or wattage so that your vape can efficiently work.


So, if you’re vaping at low voltages, consider upping the wattage or voltage and then inspect whether the same noises are being heard or not.


2.          The E-Liquid Ingredients


You can proceed to fill your vape with any type of e-juice you want, such as Cannabis Vape Oil in the UK. However, it should be remembered that thicker e-juice means that you’ll enjoy more vapour. On the other hand, thinner e-liquid can lead to coil flooding, ultimately leading to popping noises.


Moreover, you must remember that if sugar is present as an ingredient inside your e-liquid, then there are chances of popping sound when the e-liquid will vapourise. As a result, it’s a totally natural phenomenon because sugar contains cellulose and it pops when burnt.


3.          The Design Of The Coil


You must understand that braided & twisted coils tend to have more surface area, which means that they'll able to produce more vapour. Production of more vapour means that there will be additional popping sounds. Therefore, it’s a process that you can’t avoid, especially if your vape has braided & twisted coils.


Lastly, we hope you enjoyed our write-up and in case of any queries related to vaping, be sure to connect with us.

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