JEE Main: How to Score Full Marks in Chemistry Section

JEE Main

JEE Main: How to Score Full Marks in Chemistry Section

Nov 22, 2021, 12:28:40 PM Tech and Science

In today's world of fierce competition, preparation is critical to make this JEE trip go well. JEE Main is based on syllabi for classes 11 and 12. Physics, chemistry, and mathematics are the major subjects on this objective-type paper.

One of the decisive criteria in the JEE test in chemistry. It is frequently regarded as one of the easier parts by most students. Students can get a perfect score in this area and enhance their overall ranking.

Every academic session, the competition for JEE Main is intense, and the margin for error is quite tiny. As a consequence, students strive hard to overcome the challenging competition and emerge victoriously. To get high results in JEE Main, you must do well in all sections. The JEE Main Chemistry segment is viewed as the most troublesome of the multitude of segments. As a result, all JEE Main candidates must thoroughly prepare all chemistry topics in order to enhance their chances of receiving higher scores.

The emphasis should be on organic chemistry and reactions.

  • The key to doing well in this topic is having a solid understanding of organic chemistry. Organic chemistry covers a wide range of subjects, although not all of them are difficult. To do well in this section, you must be familiar with the many ideas that are necessary for solving the numerical reactions that appear in the paper.
  • Chemistry, like all other subjects, contains a large component. Make a study schedule based on the significance and weight of each chapter.

What is the best way to prepare for JEE Main Chemistry?

The most lucrative of the three topics that make up the JEE Main questions in chemistry. As a consequence, students must pay great attention to the subject and complete it completely. The steps listed below should be taken in order to prepare for JEE Main Chemistry.

Important Chemistry Topics to Be Reviewed

  • Chemical Bonding and the Periodic Table: This is the most basic topic in chemistry, and you should be able to master it in order to get a decent grade. Mastering these two topics will also help you in the next chapters.
  • The ideas of equivalents, the redox reaction, and the mole concept: These ideas have been shown to cause 2-3 fundamental issues, which are simple to address if you have a basic grasp of these chapters. As a result, don't let simple marks pass you by.
  • Carbonyl compounds and their derivatives are organic compounds that are made up of carbon atoms and carbon atoms
  • Solid states, solution theory, and gaseous states are all topics that are covered in this course.

Tips for Getting Full Marks in Chemistry Section

  • Make your own notes in a notebook and jot down key topics. When you're studying or practising questions, take down any significant topics or new concepts you come across in your notebook so you can go over them again when the test comes around.
  • Beginning with NCERT books is always a good idea. NCERT gets a lot of straight inquiries. Nothing surpasses NCERT for developing concepts if you read it carefully. To answer JEE level questions, you can utilise any of the standard books given below, which are based on NCERT.
  • As previously said, effective time management is critical. Chemistry is important, but precision and quickness are also important.
  • Make it a practise to review all key topics at least once a week. In the end, it will save you time during revision, allowing you to use that time to practise mock examinations and previous year problems.
  • Solve as many JEE Main Chemistry papers as you can from previous years. It will give you an idea of where you should focus your efforts and what kinds of questions you should ask.

1. Different sorts of questions should be practised:

It is not possible to achieve perfection by practise. Perfect practise is the only way to become perfect. Students should solve a variety of problems rather than the same sort of question over and over again. Students can conquer chemistry with the aid of a solid question bank that covers all conceivable kinds of questions posed in previous years. Additionally, resolving high-quality challenges fosters a strong sense of self-assurance.

2. Revision Notes:

Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry were among the topics covered in the Chemistry Revision Notes for both 11th and 12th grades. Chemistry Revision Notes for JEE Main are mostly focused on the JEE Main curriculum, containing topics that are required and have a significant weight in the JEE Main test.Previous year questions are also included in the revision notes, which will help students gain a sense of the kind of questions that will be asked in the test and will also assist them manage their time when answering the questions. The student's comprehension will increase as a result of this.

Revise and answer questions on the subjects in which you are weak, and look after your mental health. During your preparation, take frequent breaks and obtain enough sleep every day.

3. Time Management: 

You cannot afford to spend more than 45 minutes on chemistry because 30-40% of the questions are theoretical and can be answered accurately in under a minute without wasting any time."Every second saved is a second earned," so you'll have more time to devote to other areas if you save time in this sector.

4.Boost your speed and accuracy:

When it comes to passing competitive tests like JEE, speed and precision are crucial. Instead of tackling all of the questions, students should concentrate on the ones they know how to answer in order to avoid receiving bad marks on the test. Students should solve as many practise papers as feasible in a timed way to enhance speed and accuracy. This will assist them in determining how long it takes to answer a query. Every minute saved may be put to better use tackling more difficult issues. Students should also solve prior year papers to have a better understanding of the exam structure and difficulty level.

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