SEO & Content Marketing: The Scalable Way to Be in the Right Place


Many people have some confusion between SEO and content marketing. This mainly comes over how SEO and content marketing are similar to each other. Are they opposed to each other? Do you work with each strategy individually? Or do you use them together to drive your marketing goals?


Before we discuss the relationship between SEO and content marketing, it is important to have a look at the actual definitions of the terms. SEO pertains to the specialized process of boosting the traffic quality as well as attracting more visitors to your site. In comparison, content marketing focuses on using valuable and/or relevant content for driving profitable customer action.


SEO, devoid of content marketing, is equivalent to a body devoid of a soul. And the reverse is also true to quite an extent. While each can deliver fantastic results on their own when combined, the two can deliver far superior results, and the best SEO company in India believes it: that Content is king.


The Differences

 SEO and content marketing can be distinguished from each other in various significant areas. However, even though they have facts of differentiation, it is definitely not possible to separate the two completely.


Instead of hunting down every single point of difference that exists between these two, we must understand one elemental contrast:

• SEO is condensed and technical.

• Content marketing is vaster and holistic.


How Do SEO and Content Marketing Complement Each Other?

 Content - There does not exist anything, such as SEO with no content. You require words, articles, material, keywords, verbiage, and a lot more.


This has been said over and over, and it is so cliché, but the best SEO company in India will believe it: Content is king.

It is futile to argue about this topic any further. It’s the maxim of the SEO industry—content, content, content!


And then, needless to say, content marketing is all about content. The logical application of SEO makes up the very element of content marketing.


  User Experience

 SEO does mean not only blogs, articles, or keywords but also the optimization of robots.txt, strengthening metadata, and using appropriate tags. 


A good sitemap assures a simple approach to the content for your users, while optimized robots.txt crawls your site to let viewers access your content. The proper tag enables extraordinary and improved indexing as well as valid search results. Tags such as header tags or title tags aid the user through strategizing content in a manner that is both helpful for visitors and easy for a search engine to comprehend.


A decent title tag guarantees a good user experience because the visitor is able to recognize the data from the page before clicking on it. Header tags (H1-H6) wield great significance for differentiating headings, subheadings in the content for making it look well-organized.




Linkbacks, building links, or inbound linking forms another main factor of SEO. Connecting a link that has high-domain authority, such as sites like .edu or .org, dramatically boosts traffic. Although developing links can also be possible by connecting with link-building agencies, the top-notch procedure is to publish expert content. For getting a link back to boost traffic, the best class content is worth it.




Obviously, no one can argue that a basic ingredient of SEO happens to be keywords — researching, utilizing, and finally tracking their ranking in the SERPs. The next step is to know how all the research gets funnelled into the practical application.


Here is where content marketing comes in. The only means to use the keywords is by employing them in all the content. Content marketing comprises of top-notch content, made for humans using the targeted keywords.


However, Indian SEO services need to understand that Panda will penalize you if you stuff your pages with keywords. But if SEO and content marketing work in the way they are supposed to together, you’ll be fine.



 SEO and content marketing clearly are not separate departments. As a matter of fact, both require each other. Content marketing can only be successful if it uses proper SEO. Clubbed, SEO and content marketing simply explode.

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