Top 11 Baking Equipment And Their Uses

How can you offer a good product to consumers if you don't have the ideal machinery to prepare? Here are eleven baking equipment and their uses:


There is no bread, cakes, or any other product for you to sell in your bakery without it. Therefore, it is vitally important to invest in excellent quality equipment. If you do not have a state-of-the-art oven, all fermentation, kneading, and molding work can be lost.

The ovens professionals are higher compared to those we have at home and have a much higher power. Know that there are different types for your kitchen before buying the best one for you: ballast oven, rotary oven, and convection oven ("turbo"). With its automatic steam injection system and the way of heating and baking, the ballast filter allows bread with that very crunchy rind and a very aerated crumb.

In the turbo case, there are turbines to guarantee an accelerated circulation of hot air to achieve an equal distribution of heat. This equipment is more used for confectionery and has already become the darling in Brazilian bakeries for having quick heating and low cost.


It may seem silly, but baking sheets and trays are also essential in making bread, cakes, sweets, cookies, etc. In them, the masses are deposited to rest and go to the oven, and, for this reason, they can also influence the final result of your product.

The baking sheets such as stainless steel cooling racks, bakery racks are made of different sizes, shapes, and materials and can be made of aluminum - these are the most economical ones made of metal, silicone, and porcelain. Do not forget that they will also directly influence the final result of the food. Think about it when purchasing yours.

Precision Culinary Scale

Measuring the quantity of ingredients is essential in confectionery and baking. There is no room for error; forget the idea that putting a little more or less than necessary will not make a difference! For this reason, the precision culinary scale is indispensable.

Another essential factor to be taken into account when purchasing the part is the scale's measuring capacity. If you work with large-scale production, you can't buy a device that falls short of your needs. So, consider your daily production before choosing yours.

Cold Chamber

The cold chambers play an essential role in bakeries to slow down the fermentation process of bread. Thus, the dough continues to rise slowly and without the yeast dies. They resemble a cupboard, with support to fit the baking sheets and mats for the rest of the products.

The temperature inside the cold rooms can be controlled analogically or digitally depending on the model chosen and according to the product that will be inside. This equipment is widely used to produce naturally fermented bread, as they need a slower process. It is also for those who need to spend the Night at rest.

Fermentation Oven

This equipment has a role opposite to that of cold rooms. They work as a protection cabinet for the dough to grow and ensure precise control of temperature and humidity, preventing the dough from drying out.

Today, equipment controls both cold and fermentation and has technology capable of allowing different configurations and temperatures for each different stage of production.

Kneader Or Kneader

This equipment will serve to knead the dough made in large quantities and, thus, save your arms. Imagine having to work heavy folders like some bread or pizza for a long time. Mixers are more resistant and faster when compared to mixers and can be indispensable.

Among the various types, two stand out: the tipper and the spiral, according to the production needs and main products.

Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers are ideal for bakeries and pastry shops because they can produce different types of recipes, both light and heavy, especially cakes. Depending on the volume of food produced by the establishment, it may be sufficient for your business, and there is no need to purchase other equipment with a similar function.


This item is indispensable for any commercial establishment in the food sector, isn't it? There is not the slightest possibility that a kitchen will function without it, as the ingredients used in the manufacture of the products will be stored there.

There are many options available on the market, and the ideal for you is to purchase different models, if possible, and fit your budget. Invest in a refrigerator horizontally and another vertically to separate all foods thus and adequately preserve them for a longer time.

Stainless Steel Table

This space is essential for professionals to work, shape, cut, and knead the dough, essential functions for the final product's good quality. You can also use the table or counter to place the ready-made bread and pastries.

Stainless steel table and stainless steel cooling racks are recommended, as it leaves the surface smoother, is more resistant and durable, and easy to clean.

Dough Divider

A machine to divide the dough is essential to guarantee the exact size of the bread and, thus, make sure that all of them will be baked equally and speeding up parts of the production process. There are several models to meet your business's needs, but all with the same functionality: divide the mass into smaller units.


This is the other essential equipment in the manufacture of bread: the accessory will help shape and shape each bread before it is taken to the oven. They can turn the dough into cylindrical baguettes, for example.

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