Travel Tips for Visiting Marrakech

Travel Tips for Visiting Marrakech

Sep 9, 2020, 9:24:19 AM Life and Styles

There are best holidays in Morocco tips every person needs to know before visiting Marrakech. To reject being disappointed, getting stick, or being taking benefit of following these top recommendations and tips.

Do not drink the water

Do not drink the tap water in city. Our bodies are accustomed to the bacteria in the water in Morocco. Thus, we have a top risk of getting sick or reacting badly to the water. Water is very affordable in Marrakech and around the souks you cans imply find it for about fifty cents.

Dress appropriately

With Marrakech being mostly Muslim, they have hard guidelines on how both women and men dress. Granted, the city has an extremely rich economy and they are used to foreigners dressing differently.


When you are interacting with people, bear in mind that the left hand is considered unclean so people forever use their right hands for eating and interactions. Also, if you are there on a weekend, it is best to know that Fridays are holidays so some things are closed.


Marrakech is hot all year. Average temps are around fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit in the coolest months and eighty-five in the summer. It can get super warm on summer afternoons so plan for some steamy days.

Stay at a raid

There is 100s of raids all through the Medina and they are the top location to stay to have a real Marrakech experience, they range from basic to the luxurious holiday packages to Marrakech. You can find many on luxury or Airbnb hotels such as El Fenn or La Sultana are hotel composed from a number of converted raids, maintaining a real feel while also providing a relax and luxurious stay.


The food as long as it is warm and freshly cooked is generally fine to eat anywhere. Definitely try and eat local cuisine as it is forever going to better and is likely to be the most new items on the menu. Try the food at the night market and also at the cafes overlooking the key square, they are all tasty and much affordable than eating the more upmarket restaurants that are predominantly placed in the new town or at the luxury hotels. You must also try the mint tea here, it is tasty and exquisite sugary.


It is excellent to convert sufficient money in the airport and bring some extra of your currency (USD, GBP, AUD etc) to replace bureaus in the city. This is because we found it pretty challenging to find cash points that actually worked without waking in the full opposite way.

Here are some of the best things to do in Marrakech.

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