5 Secrets To Healthy Hair

This post is dedicated to 5 secrets to healthy hair. Having amazing hair is not a 1-day job. It takes some efforts, some changes in daily habits and time to improve. So, here are 5 thing to do to have awesomesauce hair!

  • Oiling: Okay, i will be honest, growing up i kinda ignored oiling totally. Don't ignore, i repeat DON'T. It is extremely important to massage the scalp with any oil of your choice which increases blood flow which, in turn makes the root strong. I use coconut oil and i try to use it every time i wash my hair as overnight hair mask. I have seen visible difference in my hair. :)
  • Wooden Brush/Comb: I don't really know the reason behind this but i noticed decrease in hair fall after brushing when i used a wooden brush over plastic ones.


  • Cutting On Heat: We all know how much heat damages our hair but we still do it(let's be real). it damages hair, to make them looking good we end up using more heat tools which damage hair even further, it goes on like a cycle. If you use heating tools, girl you need to stop. Decrease it slowly and your hair will adjust.

no heat.png

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: This is so important after all we use it to clean our hair. Organic shampoo are preferred. Experiment with different ones and choose what works for you and your hair type.
  • Diet: Nothing healthy can be achieved with  a bad diet. Include fruits, green leafy vegies and snack on nuts like almonds, walnuts, whatever you prefer. Taking supplements is also a good option but only after seeing your doctor. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking as much water as you can.

I hope you enjoyed and it helped you in some way. Connect with me on my social media, I will link them below.

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