Bacne- Defeat it!

Hi everyone,

Today, this post is about back-acne i.e. Bacne. I have acne and i know the stress it brings with it. Can't wear backless dresses or backless tops aaaarghhh :( but now i don't have it anymore(still struggling with black scars though). So, i wanted to share some things i did to help me get rid of bacne.

Here are they:

  • Diet-
  1. Foods to eat- Eat mung beans, drink lots of water, coconut juice or watermelon.
  2. Avoid- fried/chilly food, alcohol or smoking.
  • Cleansing- I know the struggle because it's hard to reach but you can use cleansing brushes with long handles(lifesaver alert). Acne controlling cleansers or any product with salicylic acid in it should do the job(look up to Neutrogena). Make sure your back is the last thing you wash while in the shower. I used two different towel, one for hair and other seprate for body. Also, keep your loofahs clean and dry(most important). Avoid using any body lotion on your back. Use baby powder instead(keeps sweat at bay).
  • Sleep & Bedding-Keep your hair out of your back. Replace bedheets on a regular basis.
  • Don't Stress- PLEASE :)

This post is fourth post in my ACNE SERIES. If you want to read my previous post, read it here- https://

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