Long Hair, Don't Care!

Hey everyone!

It was Sunday yesterday but i didn't wash my hair, lazy girl problems( don't judge me :p ).My hair are below my wist line,thick,wavy and quite frizzy. In simple words, hard to manage.So, i came up with some of my struggles and i know i am not alone.

Today is a rant post. p.s- i love my hair ♥

If you have long or unmanageable hair, get ready to relate:

  • Brushing: Oh My Gosh u guys!! trying to get my hair knots free is a big struggle. It takes me forever to de-tangle my hair, no kidding.


  • Sleeping: Okay so i normally make a side plait before bed, but sometimes i am so tired that I sleep with hair open. And nothing describes the situation more than this picture.


  • Music: I love music, everyone likes music,right? I always have my ear plugs on. I lose them, oh where? have a look :p


  • Styling: Who needs to go to the gym for arm exercise when you already have long hair to style. It's a full on arm exercise.


  • Hand jewellery: Let the picture speak for itself here.


There are many many more struggles like for me, windy day ain't no joke. These were some of my daily struggles. I hope you enjoyed and related to it.Follow me on my social media, links given below.

Disclaimer- I don't own these pictures. I found them on pinterest. But featured image is my sketching skills. hehe :D

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