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Hi everyone,

The other day i was making a list of clothing items i need to buy as i am going college(yayy excited much :D) and not to mention, the list was long (AF!!) but i didn’t have that much money to spend only on clothes. So, i ditched that list and made another one consisting of points i need to keep in mind while doing my college shopping on the budget. That’s when it hit me that hey! that could be a post because if it happened with me, i am sure some other girl somewhere might be in the same situation.

So, here is the list i made:

  • Basic Pieces: Such items like a simple tee or a top or denim can be put together in outfits in so many ways[get creative girrrll😉 ]. Possibilities are endless and are light on pocket.
  • Solid Colours: White, grey, black, navy are colours that can be mix and matched and on top of that colour blocking is trendy (win-win :D).
  •  Mix-Match: Key to creating great outfits out of your outfits is really mix and match.Experiment with what you have and kinda see what suits your style and personality well.
  • Give Trends A hold: Don’t spend what you have on a trend right away. Wait for some time and see if you really like that item(if you don’t want it after waiting for some time, congrats, you saved yourself). Also, after sometime, you can sure find that same item in not-so-expensive stores at much better deal.
  • Material: Go for material that don’t look cheap, feel nice and comfortable. Material like cotton, silk, leather (can be found at low price, hard luck) will be good. It’s just training your eyes to see the perfect thing for you. Also, see-through material can be come off as trashy unless it’s sheer item and you want it that way.
  • Classic Fits: It make all the difference in the whole freeeaaking world. Before buying any item, make sure it fits you well and the way you want it. An amazing expensive dress will look bad if ill-fitted where as a simple, not-so expensive dress will look amazing when it’s well fitted.
  • Footwear: Stick to colours and style that you can wear with different outfits and will be comfortable. Black and nudes go globally (hehe :p ). Tan brown is a good idea too.
  • Accessories: Less is More!! Personally, I am not a very big fan of necklaces but earrings and rings are my love.♥ 
  1. Hats can make any plain boring outfit classy in a moment.
  2. Purses that are edgy and symmetrical give a high end look.
  3. A pair of sunglasses that fir your face perfectly is a must.
  4. Watch is a timeless piece. Always classy!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know and do follow me on my social media,links are down below:)

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