Love Of My Lips!

Today, my lips wanted to share the love of their life. ha!! It's all the BABY LIPS!! Let's get going.

There's crazy amount of variety in this range, simple balms,glossy, tinted you name it, they got it!! and obviously the price differs accordingly. I swear by this product. I have tried many many balms in the past and no other could help me but i finally gave this one a try and i am so happy that i did.

  • The one I have is a simple lip balm,no gloss or color to it. I got it for INR100 to 4grams of the product. it took me a month approximately to finish it, given that i apply 3-4 times daily because mah lips be crazzzzzy!!


  • It is named "Anti-Oxidant Berry" but doesn't smell like berry though!


  • Has SPF of 20 which is so great for summer. In india, summers be hawt AF!!


  • Before this, I bought another one which had a bit of shimmer and color to it but i don't like that. So, i ditched that one and got this one. I am not saying that the red one is not good but i felt like it was heavy on lips and also i don't like shiny lips on me. CHOICES!


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