Scrub It Off!

Personally, for the longest time I couldn't understand what's with scrubbing and why is it so necessary until the time i started getting blackheads. I tried quite a few scrubs but none of them suit my skin. They all made my skin very dry sort of. So, i finally chose to contact my mother for some expert advice.

So, here are the two scrubs that i love:

  • Coffee scrub: I mix coffee powder with some coconut oil and sugar and use it on my hands and legs. It makes my skin so smooth plus no dryness :D (Make sure not to mix too much oil otherwise it will be too oily)

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[above pictures are not mine]

  • Gram flour/besan scrub: Mix gram flour with milk and make a paste. I apply it for like 5mins till it dries and then with wet hands, genrally scrub my skin and wash it off. This clears the skin so basically it's cleansing+scrubbing 2-in-1.

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I scrub once a week to keep dead skin and blackheads at bay and these two work amazingly for me. Do tell me if you try it and make sure to follow me on my social media i'll link them below.

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