Tips To Prevent Acne

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Today's post is about various tips to prevent acne. These are some common changes you can make on a daily basis to prevent acne to some extent.

Here we go:-

  • Makeup Brushes- Wash your brushes every single week and keep them properly. Especially the ones used on face like foundation brushes, try washing them every single day or at least after two days to keep bacteria at bay. If you a lazy girl like me, use disposable sponges.
  • Pillow Cases- Change them as often as you can. I change them on weekly basis. Or you can keep one  case for sleeping time.
  • Hair- While sleeping, keep your hair out of your face. Braid it or loose top knot should do.
  • Night routine- Maintaining a good skin care routine is very important but when your skin is red or breaking out, the best thing you can do to it is NOTHING. Yes! Only cleanse using an anti-acne cleanser and go to bed. Skip on other products and let your skin breathe.
  • Diet- Diet is probably the most important factor. Consume less fried or oily food and opt for clean diet. Look for tasty alternatives like i love chocolate (who doesn't), so stop eating milk chocolate and go for dark chocolate instead which is actually good for skin.
  • Exercise- Exercise and diet go hand in hand. Workout at least 30mins 3 times a week.

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