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We live in a world where we are constantly brain washed by social media and society, telling us who we should be and what we should be doing with our lives.

We were not put into this world to be mediocre, if there is something burning in your soul or something you have always wanted to do, now is the time to do it. These are five of the reasons why I decided to quit my job, sell my car and follow my dream.


The first one is that you never know how much time you have left. You can spend your entire life trying to get that promotion, trying to get that degree, trying to become a millionaire. But if that is not really where your passion lies and what your heart wants, don’t you think you are wasting precious time? You are spending your life trying to achieve things that aren’t going to bring you satisfaction, and might only be on your list of goals due to the pressure of the people around you. Imagine someone told you that you have a week to live, what would you do in that week? And then I am going to ask you, why are you not doing it now? Unless of course it is totally illegal and may harm society haha.


Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.:



So this point could be a little contradictory to the first point, but we have so much time! Many people don’t follow their dream because they feel they first need to make a living, and buy that house, and get married and have kids. We have our entire lives to do that? Why put a ring on it when you could spend that money on the bigger picture, I mean surely if you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with you don’t need to put a diamond on their hand to prove anything. We are human, and all lean towards security. We want a ring to prove we are committed, a house to prove we have value. But what does that actually bring? I dont know, I would rather be genuinely happy? Ditch the picture in your head of what you think your life should look like, go live the dream first. And when you have done all that your heart truly desires, you can settle down and do all those things movies and magazines tell us to do.


Don't rush quote:



Whether your dream is to travel the world, open your own business, feed the homeless in West Africa, Design a product or even to become famous. One of the big obstacles we face when following a dream is leaving something behind. If you are travelling the world or feeding the homeless in West Africa, you leave special people behind. If you opening a business you are putting in sickening hours and hard work that you might spend very little time at home or with your family, the same goes for designing a new product for the world or taking your singing and dancing passion to another level. It all takes a little bit of sacrifice, and let’s get real – it can be absolutely petrifying. However, while you are out living the dream or working towards your goals – Home remains the same. You come back and nothing has changed, everyone is still doing the same thing. As for losing out time with your loved ones, those who truly cherish you will never feel neglected no matter where in the world you are, because there will be a constant need and effort to keep in touch and share memories.


Anytime you’re gonna grow, you’re gonna lose something. You’re losing what you’re hanging onto to keep safe.:



There is a famous saying that we have all heard, “When you are doing what you love, you never have to work a day in your life.”

I absolutely love that saying! We spend our days working a low end job, we are all miserable and highly strung, getting annoyed with the smallest issues. You see people in traffic shouting and hooting, people are so angry! And why do you think this is? They rushed to get married and buy that house because society said that is where they need to be at age 25. They never followed their dreams and 15 years later are still working for someone, doing a job they absolutely hate because it pays the bills. There is no room for growth there, if you are not doing what you love there is no interest in developing or learning.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

We don’t take it seriously enough, that doing what you love really makes a huge difference in your life. If you never follow your dreams and your calling, you are always going feel confined to a small space, stuck! You might enjoy singing, dancing, writing, woodwork, driving, cycling – whatever it is that brings you pure happiness is your calling. It’s what you should be spending majority of your life doing. I mean if you love singing, and you not the greatest singer I am not saying you need to enter Idols and make a fool of yourself, but your passion is clearly in music, so try and enter a field where you are surrounded by the things that bring you the utmost joy. Don’t settle to pay the bills, you are capable and worth so much more than that.


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Last but not least, this is your life. And you should live it exactly how you want to! You are so lucky to be alive, and blessed with a healthy body and brain. Who do you think you are, not following that thing that sets your heart on fire? We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be in this world, to experience love and lust and passion. How rude to ignore it! Don’t doubt yourself, don’t for a minute think that your dream is too big or unreachable, because there are people achieving these things every single day! We are capable of ALOT more than we think, all we need to do is believe and be willing to work hard! Persistence is the key to unlock the door, it’s easier and closer than you think. Keep pushing, and make the necessary changes to make sure you live a life that will be remembered. Be an inspiration❤

Every new day is a time to start living in the now...go forward with a positive view of your life and you will feel better.:

Published by Bianca Bonarius

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