For The Sake of Conformity

I don't even know why instead of writing our newsletter, I wrote this, but here we go! Enjoy reading!

"Pangit naman kasi ako e, bakit ako magkakaroon ng standards pagdating sa lalaki?" (I'm ugly, anyway. Why would I have standards when it comes to guys?")

I cannot seem to accept the fact that people can feel this inferior about themselves. I know this mindset exists. It's reality. But it made me think, who's at fault here? Who made them feel that way? Who told them that their looks dictate their essence as a human being?

I am not that pretty, myself. But never in my life have I made this assumption about what I can and can't demand towards other people. No one told me about it. I just realized it all by myself.

I am a human being. I have my own thoughts when it comes to things. I have likes and dislikes. I have feelings. I have my own opinions. So, why would I suddenly shut all these down just for the sake of conformity?

Society subtly put it out there that good looks means everything. Come on! We even criticize couples if we think that one of them is not good-looking enough to be with the other. We come up with these ridiculous claims like the girl/guy was put under a spell, they're together because of money, and many more.

We are living in a world ran by vanity. Looks mean everything and people has to act based on what they look like. Ridiculous, isn't it? So you mean to say that I cannot demand greater things because I look average? Like, I only deserve to shop at Divisoria because I don't look like a Forever21 model? It's unacceptable how we compartmentalize people!

We should stop degrading ourselves just so we can be viewed as a reasonable person because we know "our place". Stop putting walls around yourself just so you can fit people's standards, have it their way and you'll lose. You will end up settling into things that are not even acceptable to you, but you stomach it because that's what society entrenched in you.

Do not let them get into you. You are powerful in your own way. And you deserve much more in life. Do not be a hindrance in your own satisfaction.

Published by Bianca Fermiza

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