Meet The Youngest UK Drill Producer, 20-Year-Old AXL Beats

Meet The Youngest UK Drill Producer, 20-Year-Old AXL Beats

The Chicago drill movement ended up being enormously influential all through the 2010s, and its influence actually ripples through the music industry today. After ten years, we're seeing the rise of another age of rappers and producers who grew up obsessing over Chief Keef and the entire Chicago drill scene.

One of those artists is a youthful producer from London named AXL Beats. The beatmaker from the U.K. takes the Chicago drill sound components and puts a twist on the style by incorporating woozy, gliding bass.

U.K. drill itself arose in South London in the mid-2010s, with local producers infusing influence from other British genres like grime and garage into the American sound. Over the years, rappers like Headie One, DigDat, K-Trap, and Loski, as well as makers like MK The Plug, M1 on the Beat, and Ghosty, have discovered success by rethinking what drill music could seem like in their own part of the world.

AXL admits he wasn't giving a lot of attention to the U.K. drill, however. Growing up, he was focused eagerly on the things going on in Chicago. "Truth be told, I wasn't actually tuning in to any U.K. drill rappers. I was a major Chief Keef fan," he says. "I was interested in Glo Gang. You have Fredo Santana, G Herbos, Young Pappy, all the huge Chicago artists."

AXL's inspiration may have come from Chicago, yet he tracked down his first collaborator further east. In 2016, a youthful Brooklyn rapper named 22Gz discovered an AXL Beats instrumental called "'Hop Out' drill type beat" on YouTube. Enlivened by the dramatic production, he downloaded the beat and recorded "Suburban," a bruising three-and-a-half-minute cut that is generally viewed as the main melody from the earliest days of Brooklyn drill. Its simplified, threatening energy spread out a blueprint for what the subgenre would soon become.

Realizing he had caught something extraordinary, 22Gz continued returning for a greater amount of AXL's beats—so did the rest of the rappers residing in Flatbush, where he and Sheff G grew up. Furthermore, at the start, it happened without consent.

"I was uploading beats to YouTube at that point," AXL says, clarifying that he named his videos with catchphrases like "drill beat" and explicitly focused on artists with labels like "22Gz sort beat" and "Sheff G type beat." He adds, “They began ripping the beats off YouTube, downloading them, and jumping on."

As AXL's repute developed, his email inbox and Instagram DMs got overflowed with messages from Brooklyn rappers searching for beats. "They all hit me up," he recalls. "So I just emailed them beats. Not overall similar beats—various sorts of beats. Be that as it may, they preferred the drill ones specifically. They would not like to hear more trap music."

Suddenly, the youthful London producer was at the focal point of Brooklyn's blazing new scene. Furthermore, none of his New York collaborators even knew where he was from.

Today, AXL Beats is a renowned British producer from London, celebrated for his UK drill productions. He is the mastermind who has successfully exported the sound of UK drill overseas, most notably in Brooklyn, New York, collaborating with artists such as Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, Sheff G, PNV Jay, 22Gz, and Canadian artist Drake. He now produces music under Victor Victor Worldwide and Sony Entertainment and is known as the producer of choice for several Brooklyn rappers and the architect of numerous of the borough’s hits.

"War" represents growling, bass-heavy production from London producer AXL Beats. However, this is not his first big hit. AXL has been making waves recently by assisting with bringing the UK drill sound to America, connecting with New York City drill artists like Fivio Foreign, Sheff G, and 22Gz. His Fivio collab, "Big Drip," has gained momentum lately, piling up millions of plays and landing on Complex's Best Songs of 2019 rundown. AXL Beats was already turning into an incredibly sought-after producer in a subgenre that is rapidly getting steam, and connecting up with Drake on a tune like ‘War’ further has added to that force. This young producer's future is unquestionably fruitful, for he has carved a subgenre for himself in this super-competitive music industry.

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