Rosie Shalhoub – A guide to Success and Spirituality

Rosie Shalhoub – A guide to Success and Spirituality

Long abjured are the archaic medieval rulings where women were perceived as worthy enough of only domestic responsibilities. The nihilistic belief of male chauvinism has gingerly been cast aside. Women in today’s age and time have thrived to exceptional stratums by manifesting their phenomenal skills and talents in the real world. They are proving themselves repeatedly in every trade by reaching significant heights and attaining colossal gains.

Research has revealed surprising statistics regarding women entrepreneurs which include that the US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses, women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion a year in the states. Moreover, 40% of US businesses are women-owned and jaw-dropping is the actuality that women started 1,821 net new businesses every day last year. This shows that businesswomen are a strong catalyst for economic growth.

Worth mention is the fact that there are women who are setting a remarkable paradigm by balancing their private and professional life in an exquisite demeanor. A top-notch example is of the Australian entrepreneur, author, public speaker, teacher, and psychic medium Rosie Shalhoub, who is going great guns and thriving extensively. With 30 years of immense toil and struggle, Rosie has been featured in The Huffington Post and published in Successful Women in Business.

Shalhoub started her first business, Get Mugged, in 1991, and then established Santas Little Painter’s a seasonal Christmas business in 1993, and partook in multiple such ventures. In 2010, the quantum leap in her career amounted to the formation of Embrace Australia, which is a place of beauty, wonder, spiritual awareness, love, and peace. Inspired by her favorite song, “Imagine” by John Lennon, she established this venture. The prime aim of Embrace is to guide you, to feed your senses, create balance in your fanatical lives and embrace the uniqueness that we all individually hold. With great pride, they choose ethical crystals from loving suppliers in order to commit to their promise of creating a better world for our future, mother earth, the environment and generations yet to come.

The effective services of this psyche healer have changed the lives of many people and have fostered the spiritual recovery of many shattered souls and spirits. “ You are doing such a fantastic job to humanity and you are awesome beings as it is so obvious that you are doing it with your love and no ego, just pure service. Please carry on with your awesome job, the worlD need you!”, says one happy customer, Jake G from Sydney.

Furthermore, Shalhoub and her husband Ross Pirillo also founded the Festival of Dreams in 2014 which is one of the events of Embrace. This festival is designed for the nourishment of the soul and aids in giving thier visitors the best physical and sensory experience, embued with added confidence and a strong spiritual connection to themselves and the divine. This gave them the outlet to work with famous individuals like Rick Mora and Saginaw Grant. Regarding the event, she says, “We believe that you need to have your nutrition, fitness, and health in order if you want to expand your spirituality to the next level. We also do not believe in just any psychic working at our event. As a professional psychic who has been working in the industry for over 25 years, I have seen people pick up a book on how to read tarot, and all of a sudden, the following week, they are calling themselves a psychic and charging lots of money. This worries me a lot as the industry has no regulations. We are different in that we handpick our readers and do our research well.”

The philanthropist is also an internationally acclaimed author and the runner-up in the “Best First Work for an Author” by the International Tarot Foundation, CARTA Awards. Her books include “The Chocolate Lover’s Message Cards” (2018), The Stoned Queen (2020) and “The Dark Side of the Light” (2020) which is an expose’ into the life of Rosie’s 30 plus years psychic career and how the industry is fraught with fakes, phonies, with no regulations to monitor it.

Not to skip the noteworthy bit that Rosie was a single mother of baby twins when she started her career at Embrace against all odds and within 10 years it grew to be a household name. “I found out I was pregnant in the most unusual circumstances … I found that I had developed a wart on my thumb and went to the pharmacy to get something for it. They refused to give me the cream until I had a pregnancy test. Even though I protested, telling them that it would be impossible for that to happen, they still made me do it. You can imagine my shock when the pregnancy test showed up positive! I thought I was on candid camera,” says Shalhoub.

Setting a fine example of how to balance professional and private life in the best possible way, Shalhoub has broken extensive stereotypes and has nurtured the lives of many through her gifted power to guide individuals towards spirituality, self-care, the act of taking care of others and spreading peace and harmony.

Published by Bianca Rodriguez

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