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 I'm a bit new to freelance writing. Until recently I worked for a marketing company and did some occasional copywriting. This is my first stab at any kind of creative writing other than ad copy. I feel it's important to try new things and to reinvent yourself occasionally. I play drums in a band and I like kayaking, hiking, working out and drinking craft beer. I have a deep interest in water conservation and water filtration. I have a fledgling water filtration business and I invented a "water saving" filtration system. I think people spend way too much money on bottled water and we're putting way too much plastic in landfills and the environment. I'm also interested in home beer brewing and would like to bring about more of an awareness of Gruit beer, an un-hopped herbal beer that was a mainstay prior to the politically, religiously and financially motivated "Reinheitsgebot" German beer purity law of 1516. I'm very opposed to restrictive, outdated laws that in many ways work against peoples efforts to better themselves and achieve their dreams.

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